SHS showcases extracurricular activities for up coming freshmen


Rachel Adair, Staff

Starkville High School held its annual Showcase Thursday, April 19. Showcase gives upcoming freshman the opportunity to see sports, classes, clubs and activities that SHS offers.

Chemistry teacher, Brenda Jackson, has been in charge of Showcase for six years.

“Showcase used to be an open house for all students and the whole community to come see what is going on, but six years ago it evolved into showcase for upcoming freshmen,” Jackson said.

The Speech and Debate team displayed a booth at Showcase. Junior and national qualifier, Mia Robertson worked the booth and persuaded the 8th graders to join the speech and debate team.

“I have learned all about speaking skills, writing skills and research skills which is very beneficial to me. We want to recruit these freshmen because if speech and debate is beneficial to us, then we know it will be beneficial to new high school students,” Robertson said.

The golf team featured a hands-on activity. Braxton Jenkins, senior golf team captain let the students practice putting on a mini putting green.

“It was really cool to get to see underclassmen that are interested in playing golf. Showcase is a good way for us to recruit new students who have never been in the district before,” Jenkins said.

Upcoming freshman, Belmont Phelps, attended Showcase. She is interested in taking the journalism class and wants to join the debate team and thespian club.

“I liked being able to see all of the clubs and classes I can join because it will prepare me more for high school. I got to learn about everything, so I could possibly make more friends,” Phelps said.