Male abuse as prevelant as female

Jackson Noll, Staff

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Spousal abuse is synonomus with male violence directed towards women, but that is far from the truth. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) reports that 53% of men are abused in intimate relationships in America in the year of 2011. 
When people hear of spousal abuse their minds tend to think that the man has hit the woman, but due to social conditioning and sexual bias in the American justice system, men are victimized.  
People assume when a woman hits a man that he deserved it. On Youtube there is a video called Domestic Abuse Experiment – Man Fights Back In Public!  
The crew of the MoeAndET youtube channel went to Central Park where the female smacked and pulled the man’s hair, but no one stopped her. Then about a minute into the video the man started to hit the woman and throw the woman on the ground. Within ten seconds a man attempted to stop him. 
This show us how people react to domestic abuse towards men, no one cares. In America 1 in 71 men are raped according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Nearly half of those men are raped by an acquaintance according to the NCADV, but 29% of those men are raped by their intimate partner. 69% of those men reported that the perpetrators were women. 
In the United States there is only one domestic abuse shelter for men in Batesville, Ark. The Los Angeles Times article It’s hard for a guy to say, “I need help.” How shelters reach out male victims of domestic violence tells the story of Joshua Miller who was attacked by his girlfriend. His girlfriend smashed a guitar against his head, but he was nearly arrested until his neighbor backed up his story. He said “Men are not looked at as victims,” and he is right.  
Men in modern society are taught not to show their emotions and to not ask for help or they will be ridiculed and told to deal with it. Men and women are naturally different, they both face the same problems.  
Things will hopefully change in this nation like in Dallas, Texas, where the patrol officers are being trained to encourage men and women to seek help and protection. The unknown tragedy of spousal abuse against men is an event that should be taken serious in the United States.