New administration at SHS


Travis Fuentes-Gansemer, Staff

Part of the Highschool Culture is change, and part of that change is changing administration. Starkville High School has taken part in change in the form of new assistant principals. These new assistant principals are Mr. Darien Spann and Mrs. Mandy Scarpulla. 
Mr. Spann wanted to become a teacher since he was in high school. “I didn’t think that teaching paid enough, so I changed my mind and started on the path at Jackson State to become a pediatrician,” Spann said. 
Mr. Spann found that the medical field was not for him and he decided to teach and finished his undergraduate from Belhaven University in education. He then continued his education at Mississippi College to get his Masters in Education and a second degree of Specialist in Education Leadership. 
“I started my career in education in 2004 as an English teacher for Morrison Academic Advancement Center and left three years later to teach at Murrah Middle School,” Spann said. For the next six years he taught at Murrah before changing to Magee Middle School for four years leading Spann to his most recent stop at Vicksburg High School for the 2017-2018 school year.  
During my fourteen collective years at Morrison, Murrah, Magee and Vicksburg, I served as an English teacher for 7-12 grade, English department chair, National Honor Society sponsor and an Adopt-a-school coordinator among other things, Spann said. 
Mr. Spann chose Starkville High School because it was an opportunity that he simply could not pass up. “My goals for Starkville High are to push students to their best, to help students grow, and to support teachers all while trying to accommodate instructions,” Spann said. 
Mrs. Scarpulla began her education at Millsaps where she got a degree in biology and went on to Pace University for her Masters in Forensics Science.  
“After six and a half years as a Forensic Chemist for the DEA, I began teaching at John J. College of Criminal Justice,” Scarpulla said. 
After a stint at John J. College, Scarpulla returned to Mississippi where she taught high school biology in the fall of 2013. Scarpulla, like many new high school teachers, was frustrated at the end of the fall semester where she confided in a fellow teacher who told her, “Anyone can teach a student who wants to learn, but a teacher can teach a student that doesn’t.”  
Mrs. Scarpulla chose Starkville High due to the district slogan “Expect Excellence” that inspired her and led her to buy into this district.  
“I expect excellence from this school, and I strive to improve instruction, support teachers, minimize distractions and to raise the school’s ACT scores,” Scarpulla said.  
While she set these goals for the school she is trying to be more efficient and delegate better. 
Both new assistant principals are here to make the school better and have the intentions of seeing all Starkville High School students succeed. 
Both Spann and Scarpulla said the students they have taught in the past coming back and thanking them for the roll they played in their education is rewarding.