Drug testing professional athletes


Johannah Larson, Staff

Professional athletes should be required to take drug tests once a month during their sports season. The use of drugs by professional athletes has been a controversial topic for many years. Athletes use performance enhancing drugs to excel in their sport giving them a leg up to other players.  

Currently all players are tested once per year randomly, normally during the preseason according to sports-reference.com. Tests are held on a blind basis, so athletes are unaware of when they will be tested.  

Although some people may think that if we allow smokers to endanger their own life’s, then why should we prevent professional athletes from jeopardizing their own heath in pursuit of their goals. Being a professional athlete is a paying job that should be held to the same standards as any normal job.  

If the athletes expect to get paid like professional jobs do, then they shouldn’t have a problem with being drug tested. According to sportslaw.uslegal.com , many cases have been taken to the U.S. Supreme Court but have yet to be determined if the athlete can require privacy when it comes down to drug testing. 

The use of any drugs that will enhance the abilities of athletes is unfair. When a player uses the substance, it is not only to even out the competition, it is also to raise the bar higher than anyone else. If there aren’t regular drug tests the drug use would spread to everyone.  

This would cause the sport to become way more violent. Drug abuse occurs in many sports. Also, athletes turn to substances to deal with many stressors, including pressure to perform, and bad physical pain. In this case we should try to put effort into leveling the playing field from within. We can do this by drug testing randomly once per month.