Drug tests should be mandated at schools

Kamden Upchurch, Staff

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School districts should drug test the entire student body. In school districts today, drug testing has become very lenient to non-athletes.  Athletes are drug tested two-three times a year where as non-athletes are not drug tested.  If an athlete were to fail a drug test they would be kicked off the team and expelled from school.  However, the student body can do whatever they want and not have to suffer a consequence.
Also, equally testing the entire student body would improve schools if the entire student body were to be drug tested.  Considering some schools have bad reputations for drugs, drug testing the entire student body would keep schools clean as well as make the school a safer environment.
Maryellen Stratmann, mother of a freshman at a Catholic school said, “it might help identify a student who needs help.”
Giving random drug tests to athletes and the rest of the student body would also increase the rate of students turning down peer pressure and saying no to drugs.  Random drug tests would give students a reason to say no to drugs.  Drug testing would allow early detection and intervention with the students who are on drugs.  It would also increase the chances of students to have a bright future to look forward to.
Dr. Sharon Levy of Boston Children’s Hospital said, “I absolutely think that schools could have a really major role in the whole spectrum of care in substance use disorders.”  Drug testing every student instead of just student – athletes would make schools a safer environment as well as help the kids who are abusing drugs.