Should we be allowed to sell our organs for money?

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Should we be allowed to sell our organs for money?

Kaylie Beth Hobart, Staff

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If America would allow its citizens to sell their kidneys, there would be a major decrease on waiting list and less fatalities. According to UNOS every ten minutes another human being in the United States is added to the organ transplant waiting list. Twenty-one people die daily waiting on this list.
No, this waiting list is not something that the patient will reach the top of in a month; it is a waiting list of 114,000 sick and some dying patients patiently waiting. It seems that with the millions of healthy humans in the United States, it would be easy to help all the patients waiting.  Stated by The US department of health and human services, while 95 percent of adults in America support kidney transplants, only 53 percent of these adults partake in the action of donating.
Moreover, a common question in this country is “Could we sell our kidneys for money?” It is currently illegal to sell kidneys for money in all countries, except for Iran.
In 2017 Iran performed 17,878 transplants while 4,481 people died while waiting on the transplant list, in comparison to Americas 30,000 transplants yearly leaving 7,300 humans dying waiting on the list.
A process, of course, would have to be mandated to be able to qualify to sell organs, but Americans would give organs away if they got something in return. No, it is not the same if it is not a nice gesture, but there are multiple kids and parents waiting and dying for them so why not sell them?
With kidneys being in the top five organs needed for donations, this is a national crisis that needs to be addressed.
If America doesn’t allow kidneys to be sold, there will be no difference in a waiting list number and more Americans will die waiting.
While they have not changed the law, we can help by being an Organ donor along with the 42,000 donors in America, according to US department of health and human services. Donating organs can save up to eight different lives, but until the law is changed, humans will die waiting on organs.