AP classes conflicting schedules

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AP classes conflicting schedules

Madelyn Methvin, Staff

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AP classes at Starkville High should be offered during first through third block, not only certain blocks. AP classes at Starkville High overlap with each other and some are only offered fifth block.
Government is a required class at Starkville High, and for students on the honors diploma track it makes more sense to take AP Government. AP Gov. is only offered second block, but AP Calculus is also only offered second block. This causes conflict for these students and puts a strain on their counselors.
AP European History is only offered to sophomores during second block. Most sophomores only take one or two APs a year, so only having it one block doesn’t affect them as much; however, if they want to get a head start they have a harder time if the class is only offered one block.
The classes need to be available at all blocks or set up the schedule to make one AP one block and another block, not two APs one block then none another block. By changing these classes to be available during other blocks and allowing more students to take the course it helps out the school’s image.
AP US history is only offered fifth block year-round. This causes a collision with any athletics. football, soccer, baseball, and softball are all year round, fifth block sports. US history is also a required class by the state and has a state test. Having student athletes is a big plus to the school as well.
For the sports that don’t practice during fifth block this schedule still causes an issue. For example, the swim team only has one home meet all year out of ten; this causes a conflict with how much they leave for their meets. The team leaves during third block for each meet and won’t get home till late at night. Rachel Adair, an AP US History student and swim team member, said, “It’s going to be really difficult to keep up with all three of my AP classes and miss class multiple times for swim. I’m not going to quit my sport just for class, so it would be really helpful for AP classes to not be fifth block.”
This takes kids away from one of their most important classes.
AP classes should be offered from first-third block. This is the best time for students to learn and  it won’t interfere with their sports or extracurricular activities.
By making these classes available during multiple blocks it helps student athletes and people trying to get their honors diploma, all while helping the schools image.