New traditions created at SHS


Mallory Kelley, Staff

Last year, a new tradition was created at Starkville High School where seniors could purchase parking spots to paint a personal design, which reserved the spots for their use only.  Seniors were required to pay a fee of $50 and could only use certain kinds of paint to decorate.
Last year, only eight seniors purchased the customizable spots, but this year, over forty spots were sold to the senior class of 2019. These spots give students the opportunity to express themselves, while also giving them the benefits of having a reserved parking spot.
Senior Griffin Little purchased a parking spot to paint this year. “I think it’s really awesome that they do this because now I can get to school as late as I want and still have my parking spot,” Senior Griffin Little said.
Additionally, Senior Kaylie Beth Hobart feels that these spots were a great way to bring her class together.  “I feel that this is a fun, new tradition for SHS to start because it makes school look happier and less boring, while also bringing the senior class closer and building relationships among us,” Hobart said.
Seniors enjoy the perks of buying these spots; although, they are more expensive than normal parking places.
“The price for a non-reserved spot in the senior parking lot is $25, but with the benefits the painted spots bring, the extra $30 is worth it,” said Hobart.
Along with giving the seniors the privilege of having a painted spot only for them to use, students also get to make memories.
Maggie Miller also purchased a painted parking spot for her senior year. “The day we got to paint spots was a very fun day for me. I spent the night with my friends the night before, so we could get there early and get the spots we wanted,” said Miller.
She continued to say it was very important to her to get to park next to her friends as it is her last year at high school with them.
Overall, the reserved parking spots at Starkville High School are a new tradition that seems to be taking off. The students really enjoy the perks it brings, while also getting to make memories.