New freshman class offers insight to their future

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New freshman class offers insight to their future

Kaylie Beth Hobart, Staff

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This year Starkvile High School added a new class. Freshmen Focus is mandatory for all freshmen to take.
Ms. Fraza and Ms. Pike are the teachers for this new class. This class opens the opportunity for freshmen to look into sixteen different career clusters and see what they are interested in career-wise.
From researching to designing and surveys the freshmen get a chance to look at most career options and get the right mindset going into high school. Towards the end of the semester-long class, after looking into the different options, they will do a huge project on the career they are most interested in. This class also prepares freshmen for an upcoming class next year called career institute.

“The students will be able to walk into career institute having an idea of the career they are interested in which will give them a head start,” Fraza said. Gaining insight into their future, freshmen enjoy this class.

“I enjoy the way that they give us choices to the careers that we can pick, which opens our minds up to what we are going to do next with our life,” Freshmen, Zykerius Ford said.

Like most classes at SHS there is a typical routine, but this class differs from all classes.

Fraza explained that the class is different. “There is no day that is the same, we come in and do bell work like most classes, but this class is geared around growth mindset learning about perseverance and thinking positively.”
Students use software called canvas, which prepares them for college as well because most colleges use canvas for homework, tests, etc. This day the students are working on a business plan for a food truck that they will open with a partner.

Fraza taught inclusion for students support services last year at SHS, but before that she lived in Michigan and taught self-contained special education for six years. Freshmen are unique and interesting to her.

“Freshmen are hilarious to me, I laugh every day at the things they come up with, but I also get really excited when I see someone find something that they are really interested in from the projects they do.”
Freshmen focus impacts students in a particular way.
“They give us choices and the careers we can pick which opens our minds and allows us to get a clearer look at our career path. That gives us a lead that most upper classmen didn’t get to experience,” Ford said.

Freshmen Focus is a class that helps freshmen find a career to pursue and gives a brighter sight into the future while preparing students for upcoming classes.