Speech and debate team open for new members

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Speech and debate team open for new members

Leilah Taylor, Staff

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Saturday, September 15, Speech and Debate traveled to Madison Central High School in Madison, Mississippi, to compete. Members of the team placed and became finalist. 

Lizzie Tomlin and Micheal Lu placed first in Public Forum. Hannah Daniels was a quarter finalist in Varsity Lincoln Douglas and Kyran Williams was also a quarter finalist in Novice Lincoln Douglas.   

“My favorite event is probably Lincoln Douglas debate because it’s extremely fun and exhilarating to low-key roast someone in a debate,” Williams said. 

Lu also placed sixth place in Extemporaneous Speaking and Lu and Tomlin were semifinalist in Impromptu Speaking. Mia Robertson was a semifinalist in Original Oratory and Poetry Interpretation. 

“For debate events, my partner and I write a debate case, rebuttals, and acquire any extra information on both sides of the debate topic for that respective month,” Robertson said. 

Robertson said she prepares for her debates by spending her free time writing, researching, and practicing. 

The National Speech and Debate Association comes up with topics nationwide to debate about. Speech lengths depend on what events competitors are in. In Speech events a standard speech is ten minutes long while in debate, they do not get to choose the topic they argue. 

“You usually pick an event based on what you are interested in. If you’re not really into confrontation or anything, then you would probably pick speech. If you like to debate, but want more philosophical/ moral based prompts, then you’d probably do Lincoln Douglas debate. If you want to scream and argue back and forth, then you would probably want to do Public Forum,” Williams said. 

The SHS debaters usually get to decide what events they want to compete in. Debaters choose what will suit them the best and to be most successful in. 

Robertson has encountered perks and advantages through debate. 

“My favorite thing about tournaments is probably the social atmosphere. I genuinely believe that in high school there is a place for everyone to find their place of belonging and through debate, I have found mine. In between debate rounds or even on bus ride to and from tournaments, I get to talk and spend time with some of my best friends in the world,” Robertson said. 

Debate is a welcoming and diverse atmosphere for all people, so Robertson has found a group of amazing friends from all type of backgrounds. 

Members of the Starkville High School debate team speak very highly of Speech and Debate. The next debate will be October 12-13 at University of Mississippi.