Jacket Java Cafe open for business

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Jacket Java Cafe open for business

Tamerra Tice, Staff

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Starkville High School’s Library is now selling coffee. The coffee is sold from 8:30 a.m. -3:55 p.m. every day from Monday to Friday. The coffee is available to faculty as well as students.  
They sell different varieties of community coffee, like decaf, breakfast blend medium dark. Each Cup is $1 and it is sold with sugar and the creamer of choice.  
Last year they did not sell coffee in the library. Mrs. Camelia Robinson is one of the librarians. 
“We visited another school and saw they were selling coffee to the school, so we thought we can do the same… The coffee can draw students more to the library, they will come in the library and hopefully see something they like to make them come again,Robinson said. 
On average about 25 people come every day to buy coffee. 
The coffee money doesn’t go to the school. They use the coffee money to buy more coffee to sell at the library. 
Students at SHS are buying the coffee. Yuri Talavera is a student who takes advantage of the coffe sales.  
“I’m really glad they sell coffee not only to the teachers but to us as well because I need coffee in the morning and sometimes I forget to make some at home.” 
Shannon Hicks is another student who agrees that the coffee is a good idea.  
“I stay up late. Most days I run late to school and forget to get coffee from home, so I get to buy coffee at school. Spending a dollar on it doesn’t hurt me at all. I’d rather spend a dollar than two dollars” 
Coach John Jones teaches history and coaches the cheer team.  
“I like to drink coffee in the morning and I don’t have a coffee maker in my classroom, so I buy coffee from the library, Jones said. 
According to the librarians, the coffee has brought more students into the library. Fewer students came in the library before, so this helps students come and they might find something interesting in the library.