New art club added to Starkville High School

Madison Shultice, Staff

Thursday, September 20, the SHS Art Club met to discuss the year ahead of them. Mr. Andrew Lark and Mrs. Ashia Gandy are the sponsors of the club. 

“This club is an amazing opportunity for students that are creative,” Lark said. 

Ten art students attended the meeting, eager to learn about art. Lark and Gandy offered opportunities such as competitions and goals within the major art areas such as photography, pottery and painting. Art Club provides students a chance to creativity express themselves while being surrounded by other students who enjoy the same activities. 

“This year we plan to do a community mural, a few fund-raising activities and a field trip,” Gandy said. 

Gandy said she looks forward to meeting and contributing to the lives of art-loving students. The club started planning out their 2018-19 year with high hopes.
Discussion at the Art club meeting included plans for new logo, intentions to paint a community mural and taking part in the upcoming homecoming parade.

Junior Jana Ewing plans to participate in Art Club.
“Right now I feel the club is pretty awkward, but I’m excited to work on art projects, go on trips, and get to meet new people,” Ewings said. 

Not only does the Art Club offer art, it also gives students an opportunity to build relationships among other students with the same interests.
Students who attended the meeting were eager to participate in the upcoming projects and planned trips.
To participate in Art Club students may contact Mrs. Ashia Gandy to be added to the club group.