Red Ribbon Week takes place at SHS


John Hayhurst, Staff

The Starkville High School JROTC Yellow Jacket Battalion hosted Red Ribbon Week the week of October 22-26, 2018. Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign for youths.   

Zykeria Johnson, a junior cadet, is very enthusiastic about the potential effects of Red Ribbon Week.  

“I feel that Red Ribbon Week is a week where we get together to bring awareness to a subject that is very important to the community,” Johnson said, “Us dressing up really helps get us involved in bringing awareness to the students.”  

The Red Ribbon Campaign is celebrated across American schools, during the days of October 23-31. It is sponsored by the Red Ribbon Campaign, which is the oldest and largest drug presentation program in the United States.   

At SHS, students spent the week dressing up to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.
Monday, “Express Yourself” day, the students wore red. Tuesday, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs” day, the students “twinned” with another student. Wednesday, “Team Up Against Drugs” day, the students wore a sports jersey. Thursday, “We Are Absolutely, PAWS-itively, Drug-Free” day, the students wore maroon. Friday, “Our School Chooses to Be Drug-Free” day, the students wore black and gold.  

Kakoa Araneta, a sophomore cadet, said it’s [Red Ribbon Week] a great way to bring awareness to a big issue.  

“Most people don’t know the dangers of drugs, and it’s great that Red Ribbon Week gives us a chance to bring awareness to it,” Araneta said.   

The Red Ribbon Campaign was founded after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique Camarena. Camarena, in 1985, was murdered by drug traffickers in Mexico. His high school friend, Congressman Duncan Hunter, started the tradition of wearing red ribbons to honor Camarena.