New coaching staff for Yellow Jacket soccer team

Dominique Bush passing drills during practice.

Daisha Cain

Dominique Bush passing drills during practice.

Jackson Noll, Staff

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The Starkville High Soccer Team prepares for their new season with Coach JT Coward as the new head coach. He plans to grow the team’s strengths, and to improve their weaknesses. Coach Coward ultimately plans to get the team to the playoffs this season. 

“For the past four years I’ve been coaching club soccer here in Starkville,” Coward said. Before that time, he also played a two-year stint at Holmes Community College.  

“We’ve traveled to Tennessee, Florida and Alabama for tournaments… and last year we won the state championship,” Coward said. 

Coward has implemented his style of soccer play. This includes keeping possession of the ball and better footwork. “I’ve really noticed a change this year from last year,” Coward said concerning the improvement of the team. 

Freshman Henry Zimmerman and Sophomore Forward Lawson Dale appreciate the new coaching style.
“He’s a pretty young coach, so he kind of gets what we’re doing,” Zimmerman said. 

Coward is changing the habits of the team according to Dale and Zimmerman, who said his mentality, as player, has changed as well.
“He has definitely improved my playing ability by coaching me and telling me what I need to do out in the field,” Dale said. 

Serving last year as the assistant coach of the team has enabled Coward to manage this year as a head coach more effectively.
“He has good chemistry with the players…and he knows what they prefer,” Dale said.
Zimmerman said Coward was instrumental in leading the Jackets last year. 

“He was good guidance because if Coach Fyke wasn’t there… he would step in and take that lead roll,” Zimmerman said. 

With the support of his athletes and a good amount of experience under his belt, Coward is expecting to carry the team to the playoffs.
The Jackets won the Saturday neutral tournament versus Pontotoc and New Albany, both games 2-0. 

The team will take on Clarkdale High School in Meridian November 8, at 7 p.m.