Castlevania: the best Netflix anime

Jackson Noll, Staff

Castlevania is the best original Netflix anime ever. This show combines brilliant characters and stunning animation to craft a series that pays homage to one of the greatest video games of all time. 

The series starts off with a sense of unease as a woman is burned at the stake. Then Dracula appeared in the fire to warn the people of Wallachia that they made a mistake by killing her. 

The quality of animation is astounding to say the least. It captures the pain that Dracula is going through. Graham McTavish’s voice booms through my mind when he warns the people of Wallachia. 

The show then skips a year into the future, and this is where the show gets going. Dracula unleashes his horde of demons upon Wallachia. 

The animation in this scene is outstanding, the demons swooping down and killing people was great. The main star of this scene was the sound and the music. 

The best thing about this show is the character writing and interactions. Trevor Belmont is one of the protagonists in this series and his character is likable and hilarious. 

Trevor and Alucard’s interactions are some of the funniest scenes in the show. The way they banter back and forth makes you think they’re brothers. 

The two best characters in the show are Isaac and Hector. They are the only two human followers of Dracula and his Soul Forger’s. 

Isaac and Hector have a very unsettling atmosphere about them. Their differing views on the fate of humanity showed me the worst a human could possibly be. 

Isaac is the most methodical person I have ever seen in an anime. His extreme masochism is a big factor in his character. 

Isaac believes that humanity is a virus and it should be burned out, so he beats himself with a nail whip. Along with this, Isaac is extremely loyal to Dracula. 

The coolest part of that of one episode was when Hector was looking for Godbrand and you see Isaac on the balcony spreading Godbrand’s ashes. 

Hector isn’t as extreme as Isaac though. He is more docile in his approch. He believes that humanity should be enslaved after Dracula’s campaign.  

Hector believes that it would be a loss if humanity was wiped out. This is what makes his character a target for manipulation in the shows side plot dealing with the vampire rebellion. 

The only problem I have with the show is the minor tone shift from season one to season two. The main thing I enjoy about the show is the aspect of unrelenting horror, but the show became more of an action/fantasy anime in season. 

These are the reasons why Castlevania is the greatest Netflix original anime ever.