Annual Veterans Day program held by JROTC cadets

Maggie Miller, Editor

On Friday, November 9, the JRTOC cadets led the annual Veterans Day program in the Starkville High gymnasium. The program featured performances from the SHS choir and SHS band. The choir performed “Three Patriotic Treasures.” The SHS wind ensemble performed “Taps” and the songs for each military branch.

The 2018 guest speaker was Major Krishina Turnipseed. Turnipseed is an SHS Class of 2000 graduate. She was enlisted in the Mississippi National Guard and achieved the rank of Sergeant. She received her commission as a 2LT from the Mississippi State University ROTC program in 2005. She is currently serving on active duty as the Rear Detachment Commander, 2-114thField Artillery, in Starkville, Mississippi. She is based at the Columbus Air Force Base as the Unit Program Coordinator for the Civil Engineering Squadron.

The JROTC cadets honored faculty and staff veterans in attendance, Mr. Adair, Mrs. Arnold, Coach Fair, Mr. McDonnall, Lieutenant Col. Webb and Sgt. Maj. Daniels.

Charlese Webb is a Senior Army Instructor of the SHS JROTC.
“Being a part of the JROTC program means to me that as a veteran, we get to teach the younger children, the youth and adults of tomorrow the values of citizenship. Whether they join the military or not, we try to instill in our students the values of leadership, discipline, respect, selfless service, and personal courage on a regular basis,” said Webb. Her mission for the JROTC cadets is to motivate young people to be better citizens.

Every year the JROTC cadets invite local veterans to attend the program each year to be recognized for their services. The cadets pin each veteran present to thank them.

Members of the DET 425 MSU Air Force ROTC demonstrated the flag folding ceremony for the student body. They were followed by SHS JROTC cadets who executed a tribute to members of the military who are prisoners of war and missing in action by placing the POW/MIA flag over an empty chair seated at a set table.

Superintendent Dr. Eddie Peasant feels that Veterans Day is a time for us to thank those people for the service and their sacrifices they make for our freedom.

“Veterans Day is important because it’s an opportunity to thank our citizens of our country who have served our country and fought for us and served in the military to fight for our freedoms and just represent our country in a way that we can be able to have a life of freedom and have all of the freedoms that we have in our country and to just keep us protected and safe as well,” said Peasant.

After the program, visitors and veterans were invited to the library for a reception with
hors d’oeuvres and drinks hosted by the JROTC cadets.

Veterans day will be celebrated Sunday November 11, and Monday November 12.