National Honor Society starts recycling program

Yuritzi Talevera, Staff

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The Starkville High School Honor Society is starting a recycling program to reduce the recyclable products that end up in the trash. The Honor Society hopes to reduce trash on campus by having a recycling bin in every wing in the school.  
Dane Peagler is the sponsor of the SHS National Honor Society. 
“Currently only paper recycling will be done, but we plan to move on to carboard, plastic, and other recyclable items,” Peagler said. 
Paper that would otherwise be thrown away as trash can be recycled for future use; the recycled paper can be turned into new products that will be sold in stores.  
“All of the bags full of the recycled items will be picked up by an individual contractor,” Peagler said. 
Recycling paper will benefit the community and the environment. The benefits to the community would include reducing the amount of paper seen around campus, as well as teaching the student body to better care for the campus. Senior Madeline Tegt serves as the NHS secretary and is a vital member of the recycling team. 
“Our goal is to reduce the amount of paper[wasted] in the copy room. We hope people feel more inclined to recycle the paper in the bins that we have in there,” Tegt said. 
Sophomore Tamerra Tice, a National Honor Society member, will be emptying the recycling bins every two weeks in order for students to continue having a place to take the paper on school grounds. 
“I am very excited to start this program that will clean our halls,” Tice said. 
The Honor Society Recycling Program will begin in the end of November and hopefully continue for future generations.