Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole- the best animated movie

Jackson Noll, Staff

Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole is the most beautiful animated movie ever. This movie combines an astonishing musical score and some of the best animation I’ve ever seen to mold a masterpiece of a movie. 

This movie starts out in the sky following an owl flying through the clouds. I could see every feather on the owl. The scene continues with the owl flying through the clouds. Every time the owl flapped its wings it parted some clouds near it. 

This movie’s animation has me invested the whole time. It then transitions to a sprawling forest. 

The first couple of moments alone show the amount of time put into every scene. This scene was huge in scale, but it had a feeling of intimacy to it. 

Then the shot zooms on a mouse as it gets snatched by an owl. This really showed the skill and the attention to detail that the animators have.  

The movie proceeds to show me one of the most stunning backgrounds I have ever seen. The owl flies into the sky, and I could see everything. 

Another great scene is the storm scene. This happens later in the movie, but it’s worth the wait. 

Soren and his group of friends go flying with Ezylryb in a typhoon to train their flying skills. The animation in this scene was gorgeous. 

Seeing the owl’s feathers soaked in rain water was breathtaking. The glint of the lightning on their feathers amazing. 

The best part was when Soren flew into the typhoon itself. I could literally count every rain drop in the scene. 

Then the lightning in the background just added a whole new depth to the scene. The return stroke lit up the scene with a vibrant blue. Every rain drop flashed along with the lightning. 

The thing that brought this scene was the operatic score. Oscar Nominee, David Hirschfelder, composed the score for the movie, and his work is phenomenal. The untitled score in this scene made me feel like I was there. 

The combination of animation and music made this one of the best scenes in the whole movie, but the best scene was the Burning Forest scene. 

This was in the third act of the movie, and it was amazing. Seeing Soren fly though the burning forest was astounding. The fire was absolutely breath taking. 

Then the oil pot he was carrying caught on fire. The vibrant blues and red of the fire blasts through the scene, and it always catches my attention. 

Soren proceeded to soar high into the sky and the shot pans out to show this beautiful shot of Soren in front of the moon. Everything in this shot was in focus, but it didn’t draw away from Soren’s magnitude. 

The music was brilliant, and the vocals in the background were amazing. It really showed the intensity of the moment. 

Though the thing that made this scene perfect was the sound design. I could hear everything in this scene. The sound of the trees burning and falling was a treat and it really brought the scene together. 

All in all, this was the most beautifully animated movie ever.