SHS band hosts annual winter concert


Photo by: Reagan Ruff

Madison Shultice, Staff

Monday, December 3, the SHS band held its Christmas concert at the Greensboro Center. The performance was conducted by Mr. Sean Sullivan, Mr. Kyle Hickey, Mr. Demario Jefferson and the student intern, Mr. Trenton Brown 
Hickey led the Symphonic Winds with “Dance of the Slippery Slide Trombones,” “On a Winter’s Eve,” and “Santa’s In the House.” The Wind Ensemble with Brown leading played “Carol of the Bells,” Sullivan led “Salvation is Created” and Jefferson led “Minor Alterations.” 
SHS sophomore Connor Davis participated in his first SHS Christmas Concert.                                                                                                   
“It went really well for it being my first year. I am looking forward to the years to come,” Davis said. 
Jefferson led the wind ensemble with a Christmas mix, composed by David Lovrien and was pleased with the performance and hard work of his students. 
“We started practicing for this right after football season, but they have been hard at work for this performance and did an amazing job,” Jefferson said. 
Students were also proud of how they performed and how hard they worked on these different pieces. Senior Kathryn Walters, selected for the Mississippi Lions All State Honor Band, was also pleased with her final Christmas performance. 
“It was really good, there were some hiccups, but there will always be hiccups. It was the best Christmas concert I’ve put on, so it made me feel really good,” Walters said. 
Sophomore Caden Luke was satisfied with the turn out as well. 
“Considering how long and how hard we’ve been practicing I think it turned out pretty well, it sounded pretty good, and none of the solos messed up,” Luke said. 
First time band concert attendee, sophomore, Jackson Owen was glad he went. 
“The music really surprised me as I have never been to one of their performances before. The two bands put on a great show,” Owen said. 
Once again, the Starkville High School band lives up to their reputation by delivering an amazing performance.