Student led fashion show to raise money for Down Syndrome


Aniya Austin, Staff

Tuesday, December 11, the Starkville High School Leo Club hosted a Winter Wonderland fashion show benefiting the Down Syndrome Foundation. Hannah Jian is the president of the Leo Club.
Jian possesses a love for fashion and also a love for children with Down Syndrome such as SHS classmate Owen Hardin.
“Owen has never let his disability define him or let him stop brightening everyone’s day with his contagious smile ,”Jian said.
The fashion show showcased different boutiques throughout Starkville including L.A. Green, Deep South Pout, Libby Story and Cobo’s and George Mary. Models from Starkville Academy ,Armstrong Middle School and Starkville High School hit the runway in the latest local fashions.
Local vendors Katcreates and Breckenridge Beads showcased their jewelry in the fashion show. Katcreates donated 25% of her profits to the Central Down Syndrome foundation.
Starkville High student body president Jason Roberson modeled his own choice of attire.
“The fashion show was a success and I am very proud to see how everyone came together to raise benefits for children with Down Syndrome,” Roberson said.
The show also inspired many people to reach for dreams no matter how big or small. Jian a high school senior was inspired by the MSU fashion show and planned this event on short notice. “The only thing that matters is drive and passion to help make a change in your communities and schools,” Jian said.
Model Adriana Mays said it was an honor to be asked to be a part of such a great event benefiting children with Down Syndrome.
“They [children with Down Syndrome] have always have a special place in my heart,” Mays said.
The fashion show was a success with a great turnout of people from the community, raising over $700 in ticket sales and donations. The Lion’s Club has agreed to match the money raised from the event .