Starkville residents inconvenienced by Boil Water Notice

Starkville residents inconvenienced by Boil Water Notice

Photo by Laura Guyton Martin

Boil Water Notice 

Laura Guyton Martin: writer 


Wednesday, August 23- A main water line in Starkville burst, causing thousands of people to lose water pressure. Later in the day, Starkville city officials declared the south side of town on a boil water notice. This caused problems and inconveniences for Starkville residents.
“We had to close down for one whole day on Thursday, and half of the day on Friday,” Clint Campbell head chef at King’s Craft Butcher said. “We were sent an e-mail that pretty much stated that our ice machine would need to be re-ran as well as all the lines to our drink machines.”
Once King’s had taken all necessary precautions in order to serve food and drinks, they re-opened on Friday afternoon, but not without a loss of business. 

Business definitely decreased that Friday, but Thursday we had already pretty much gotten most of the business we were going to get that day. We didn’t get to re-open until about 5:00 Friday, which definitely hurt us, since Friday is usually a pretty busy day,” Campbell said.

Schools and sports teams were also affected by the boil water notice. Students had to bring bottled water and student athletes had to find a way to bring enough clean water to practice after school. 

“With the high temperatures, cheerleaders were asked to bring plenty of bottles of water. One of our cheer parents also brought a case of water for the team to use during practice on Thursday afternoon,” Carol Harris, Starkville High School cheer coach said. 

With the temperatures being so high all last week, Coach Harris made sure to take precautions with her cheerleaders to make sure they were not dehydrated or overworked. 

“Since it only affected one cheer practice, I did not make the girls stunt or tumble during Thursdays practice. We mostly just went over cheers and worked on routines for Friday night’s game,” Harris said. 

Students in the school district were affected not only at home, but at school as well, since they could not drink or refill water bottles in the water fountains. 

Harris is a teacher in the mathematics department at SHS in addition to being cheer coach.
“Most of the kids I teach during the day normally bring their own water bottles anyways, but since they could not refill them most brought extra bottles,” Harris said. 

Fortunately, the boil water noticed has passed and everyone in town is able to use their water normally again.
King’s is open and ready for customers, and the Starkville High cheer team as well as all sports and extra-curricular teams in the SOCSD are practicing for the rest of their seasons.