FCA assigns leadership positions


James Durr

Every new year means more Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meetings, and with more FCA meetings being held, more leaders. FCA held a leadership meeting for students interested in being leaders. 

“I wasn’t on the leadership team last year but I still came regularly. Coach Fyke asked me if I would like to be on the leadership team this year, and it was something I was interested in,said Chris Bell, sophomore FCA leader. 

He and others attend these meetings with the intent of being a leader in the community. Being a leader they hope to become a better person and have a stronger walk in their faith. 

“I hope to become a better teammate, leader, and grow stronger in my walk with Christ,Bell said. 

This experience is used to help them grow and better themselves. Some of the things they do are mainly helping people out and being good role models. 

“I, along with the others on the leadership team will invite others to come, get guest speakers, and promote the club,Bell said. 

Along with the leaders being ready to be good role models Coach Rob Fyke wants to work through them too, and help them be the good leaders they strive to be. 

“Last week we had approximately twenty attend these leadership meetings, and I expect that number to stay constant until halfway through the year. Then it’s gonna decline, but I hope it does not,Fyke said. 

He wants attendance to stay up and encourages more to come. He also wants to help them grow and influence the community. 

“I want them to be able to bring Christ into the Starkville High School campus in whatever means God feels led through the student’s hearts, brains, and souls.” 

With students being good role models on campus they have a few ways to help others grow in Christ and as a leader. 

Fyke said the tasks are very fluid, the tasks that need to be done are communication with dates, the scheduling of speakers, the arrangement of doughnuts in the morning, and the courage to lead a huddle meeting within their squad. 

They are scheduling speakers, preparing speakers and being great role models. If students want to attend and see FCA in action, they meet at 8:10 am most Thursdays. All are welcome to attend. 

“Come on, we won’t give you a task immediately, but just come on and participate in the gathering,Fyke said..