SHS Implements Academic Houses

Lily Shauwecker

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The Starkville Oktibbeha County School District [SOCSD] has implemented a new program that allows for the focus of student’s academics to go to their future careers and interests.  The term ‘Academic Houses’ is what SOCSD is calling this new approach to high school learning.
The three academic houses include H2S, CAB and TEC. H2S is health and human services, CAB is business focused, and TEC is technology focused.
A group of teachers, counselors, administrators, and central office staff chose the different focuses for the career houses. The houses were also chosen by a series of quizzes taken by the student body and what the industry focus is in our area.
Mrs. Adams is the counselor of the Millsaps Career and Technical Education Center. She played an important role in this transition.
“The committee, formed of teachers, counselors, administrators, and central office staff chose based on the highest need of career academies at SHS, Adams said.
A lot of people in the district have been wondering how this will affect students and their futures. SOCSD is not the first to offer this program but is one of many districts where this program has been implemented. 

“I think that the career academic houses will benefit me and my classmates because it will allow me to connect with people in the field that I want to go into, and it will provide exposure for us,” said Kylie May, a sophomore in the H2S house.
The graduation rate for Starkville High School was 79% (2019); implementation of this new program will help the goal of teachers, administrators and students alike are to raise that even higher. It will also give students a reason to come to school.
“I think academic houses will give a lot of my students a reason to come to school and enjoy it more,said Hannah Harris, mathematics teacher. This program just kicked off and all members of the SOCSD community are hoping that this will be a spark of positive change in the curriculum, attitude and focus of the students.