New rules are made in the Starkville Oktibbeha County School District


Anna Richey

This year in the Jacket nation new rules are being created. Athletes as well as students who participate in extra-curricular activities are now getting drug screenings in hopes to keep campus clean. Random students will be asked to take drug screenings at random times.
“It gives students a reason to say no, to act as a deterrent.” Dr. Cheyenne Trussell Starkville Athletic director said.
“I feel like this drug screening is going to affect drug use in the whole school,freshman cheerleader Ellie Rupp said 

When selected, students will be asked to give either a urine, saliva or hair sample. The students and dates for screenings are randomly selected throughout the year.  The random selection process will include all students who are in athletics and extracurricular activities.  

“It’s kind of like bingo, the students name is selected randomly when we do the screenings, Trussell said. 

The first positive drug screening will result in the student being required to undergo drug counseling for a period not less than two weeks. In addition to counseling students may also be suspended from their activity.
Consequences may vary from each activity. For example, the first positive for a basketball player would result in 4 games on the bench. An E-sports participant’s first positive is two  weeks suspension.
In addition to suspension, Trussel said students will receive counseling along with their guardians or parents, paid for by the school. 

The second positive is a 28consecutiveday suspension from practice and interscholastic activities. After the 28-day suspension there will be another drug screening. If it is negative parents or guardians must sign a release form releasing the school from liability. There will also be another two-week counseling service paid for by the school. 

“If you are positive, we will keep screening,Trussell said. 

So far, student reaction has been positive. Before students joined their activities, they were told about the drug screenings 

“I feel great about it, it will discourage drug use,” Rupp said.