New grading scale equal to college scale


Kristina Baca

In all school, changes are inevitable. At Starkville High School things are always changing. One of the most recent changes is the new grading scale.
Back before we were on a 10-point scale our kids were graduating and if you had a 93 in a class that is a B at Starkville High School, but for somebody who went to Oxford High School and it was on a 10-point scale a 93 was an A,” Mr. McDonnall said.
SHS originally went to the 10-point scale so that the students weren’t being punished when  turning in transcripts and their GPA’S are lower than schools. 

College admissions are looking at whether or not the student is eligible or will be successful in school not the GPA.
While yes this change does help students pass, Mr. McDonnall said his hope for this change is for students to understand that they must put in the work to receive good grades.
“I just hope the teachers understand this will help us be on par with other schools that are a full 10-point scale,”McDonnall said.
This scale didn’t change to make it easier on students to pass, they still need to put in the hard work and earn good grades.
Arnoldo Camerena-Silva is a sophomore at Starkville High School. He hopes the new scale will provide some motivation for students to do better.
“I hope that it gives me a little more motivation to help me with my grades along with my peers,” Arnoldo said.
Camerena-Silva believes it will really make a difference to see who is struggling and who is just not doing the work it takes to get good grades. 

Although Starkville High School is late on changing their grading scale the students hope that it will make a big difference.