Jacket Volleyball gains another win

Tyler King

The Lady Jacket volleyball team played Grace Christian September 12 at home, winning three straight sets. This win put the Lady Jacket record at 15-3. With many ground-shocking spikes, the game was riveting.

The coaching can make or break a team and they definitely have it made. The staff on the floor is Assistant Coach Taylor Hackemack and Head Coach Sierra Horel. Coach Sierra Horel is in her first season as the head coach after being the assistant coach for last year.

“ In the games, I like to give a lot of encouragement so you’ll see me back and forth during or in between rallies telling them how good they did and how I’m proud of them. I also do a little bit of criticism in there, so I do a little bit of mix-match. It really, really helps,” Horel said.

She is constantly going back and forth hovering over her players. She is doing what every good coach should do which is encourage, criticize, and trust her players. So far, her coaching style hasn’t failed and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

“They don’t always have that kind of mindset where they don’t always think they’re really, really good, but they know they’re good. If they keep that in their mindset they’re gonna keep winning these games,” Horel said.

The players go into each game with a humble mindset and try to prove they are the best. One of the most dangerous things for an athlete is being over-confident. She nailed the mentality of being humble, striving to be the best, in their brains.

“The energy nowadays, it didn’t used to be like that. I think it’s the energy that we bring,” she said.

The Lady Jacket’s greatest strength is their energy, according to Horel. The team as well as the crowd is always electric as the players chant and celebrate. They never leave a huddle without a smile. The crowd is always alive and supporting.

“I play outside hitter and all around. Basically, after I leave offense, I have to play defense. I stay in the whole time,” senior Britney Gabbidon said.

Britney plays on the side and is a crucial player on offense and defense. Gabbidon said on the front line where she is to hit the ball over the net and use placement to get through the defense, the challenge is to then turn around and receive the opponent’s volley.

“The game went pretty good, I think our team used this game as a practice for our tournament; and I think this weekend we’ll be doing pretty good,” Gabbidon said.

The Jackets played exceptionally well and constantly won rallies.

The Lady Jackets take on New Hope tonight. They look to make their record 16-3.