“About Time,” good for the soul

Claire Potts

A heartwarming story that’s good for the soul, About Time is a glance into the life of an ordinary introvert. 

The story begins with Tim, a normal 21-year-old British guy.  His world is turned upside down when he is informed that the men in his family can travel back in time. Immediately, Tim decides to use his gift to fix his past mistakes and find love. Throughout the movie, Tim’s growth and maturity is shown in his narration. 

The movie is narrated by Tim as he describes his viewpoint on the meaning of life. Not only does the first-person point of view make this film relatable, it also makes the person watching feel classically satisfied.  

It starts off being predictable then takes several turns that I would not expect. About Time also ends with a heartwarming revelation that will leave the watcher feeling immensely satisfied. The genre could be described as a comical and heartfelt drama. 

Domwell Gleeson stars as TIm. With impeccable acting he perfectly embodies what it feels like to be socially awkward. Rachel McAdams, one of my personal favorites, fills the role of Mary. She is the beautiful shy girl that Tim falls for.  

McAdams uses her sweet personality and good looks to awe the audience into loving her.  The role of Tim’s father is played by Bill Nighy who is a wise role model. Nighy does a fantastic job of filling this part by using his age and authority.   

Although this movie is about time travel, it does not necessarily appeal to watchers who are seeking science fiction. About Time focuses more on endearing character moments. The movie was filmed in several locations in London, England.  

The overall quality of the lighting and location is above average. It featured popular songs such as Mr. Brightside, by The Killers. 

I personally loved About Time and will be watching it again. When I chose this movie, I wasn’t expecting much. Little did I know it was and will always be one of my favorites.