Netflix original “Murder Mystery,” an unexpected thriller

Tyler King

Everyone loves a good mystery and that is what Netflix and Happy Madison Productions created. The movie “Murder Mystery” aired on Netflix June 14, 2019. 


 Mystery movies will keep the viewer on his/her toes, always getting immersed in the mystery. It takes place in Europe around the trip of Nick and Audrey Spitz. Nick is a New York police officer trying to become a detective and Audrey is a hairdresser. 


 The action starts when they celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary. The couple first meet their tie-in to the mess on the plane ride to Europe. They meet Charles Cavendish, a billionaire, who invites them to his Uncle Malcolm’s yacht. 


The couple had plans already where they were to tour Europe in a overcrowded bus with no air conditioning. They didn’t even have to think when they accepted Charles’ offer to go on the yacht. 


The first conflict is when they are introduced to Charles’ ex-fiancé Suzi, who left him for his Uncle Malcom. The exes have a heated argument while the Spitzes tour the yacht and meet the others onboard for the weekend. 


 They meet Tobey, Malcolm’s son, actress Grace Ballard, Colonel Ulenga, his bodyguard Sergei, Juan Carlos Rivera, the Formula One driver for Malcolm’s team, and the Maharaja Vikram of Mumbai. Malcolm makes his entrance while the group converses during a meal. 


He then confronts his guests and announces that his fortune would go to his now wife, Suzi. He removed everyone else from his will and that is when everything went downhill.  

That gave someone in the group the motives to murder: money, revenge and love.  


The movie hits its climax in Monte Carlo where the Monaco Grand Prix is held that year. The scenery is breathtaking and was well captured. The cinematography was outstanding especially in following the action.  


The movie score kept me anxious and always wondering. The music came from Rupert Gregson-Williams. He has worked with Sandler before, and he has never ceased to capture the moment.  


I would personally recommend this movie as it is thrilling, action-packed, and was constantly keeping me on my toes. I’ve watched three times already and each time I’m still impressed by it.