“Forever My Girl,” a movie perfect for country music fans

Laura Guyton Martin

The 2018 film, “Forever My Girl,” is a heartfelt story about a country music star, Liam Page, and his small hometown in Louisiana. Page left his fiancé, Josie, at the alter on their wedding day to pursue his dreams, but never stopped loving her.  

He failed to keep in contact with anyone from his hometown after he became a world-famous celebrity. Eight years later, an unexpected turn of events brings him back to his hometown to find his world completely changed. Page learned of a sevenyearold daughter Josie had while he was gone. Now, he has to learn how to be a parent, and also try to mend his relationship with Josie as well as his relationship with his father. 

Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe costar in this romantic drama. The acting could have been better at times, but overall, Roe and Rothe capture all the love that the plot holds extremely well.  

The film follows a unpredictable storyline. With one thing happening right after the other, it is an emotional rollercoaster. “Forever My Girl” had me on the edge of my seat up until the very last second. 

The cinematography was detailed and impactful throughout the course of the film. The lighting during the emotional scenes gave a powerful effect on the audience, and the music was fantastic. Songs by Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Travis Tritt, and Lauren Alaina are all incorporated and help emphasize the romantic, and sad, mood throughout the movie.  

Alex Roe, who stars as Liam Page, sings during his concert scenes, making them more dramatic and impactful.  

“Forever My Girl” is the perfect movie for girls’ night in, or for something good to watch on a rainy day. The dramatic scenes, great songs, and complex plot will make the viewer want to watch it again and again. Just make sure to bring tissues.