“Yesterday” moves its audience

James Durr

Yesterday is a movie that just came out of theaters recently about a struggling artist (Jack Malik) who just before he gives up on his music career, gets in an accident. When he wakes up certain things on earth have ceased to exist, most importantly, The Beetles. He takes advantage of this and uses this strange phenomenon to become famous off the now nonexistent Beetle’s music. 


The main actor Himesh Patel played Jack Malik a struggling artist who comes across the greatest opportunity in his life to become a famous musician when the Beetles disappear. He played his character well; I could only see one or two scenes where he looked a little off. Overall, he did a great job and portrayed the character jack to a very pleasing level. 


Musician Ed Sheeran plays himself in the movie as a big push for Jack Malik in his music career, he’s made to look humbled in this movie and flawed. Honestly, I think Ed did enough just to get by, his acting did little to affect the story. I think he should stay out of the acting field and keep to music. 


Actor Lily James played Ellie, Jack’s very close friend and confidant, first manager, schoolteacher and maybe a little closer to the jack than it seems. She was probably the best actor overall; I saw no moment where I thought her acting was off. She did very good for the diverse role she had to play. 


The comedy aspect is not  a hard hitter, there is some awkward humor and somewhat dry jokes between the characters, one such scene is when Jack tries to play “Let It Be” for his parents but they keep interrupting him so he can’t get past the first few lyrics. While the romance between Jack and Ellie is phenomenal, the actors actually look like they love each other and are very believable. The movie also has very great attentiongrabbing scene, like when he tries to remember the words to “Eleanor Rigby” and him standing in a black room seeing videos hovering of his popularity growing. 


The music was great, at the beginning it shows a little bit of Jack’s original music, which is supposed to be bad to show why he was struggling, but I thought it was still great. Later when The Beetles are erased it turns to lots of The Beetles famous songs, which Himesh covers okay, in his defense it’s hard to beat the original artist nostalgia. The only problem I had with the music was it was missing certain Beetles classics such as “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Yellow Submarine.” 


If watching this movie with family, there are a few things to be cautious about. Jack’s manager after he becomes famous, Deborah played my Kate McKinnon, swears like a sailor, and most of the main characters are British so there are lots of the words “bloody” and “Christ.” There is also one make out scene between two of the actors. 


Overall, the only problems I see with the film are Ed Sheeran’s acting, a few key songs and a predictable ending. Otherwise, this is an amazing romantic comedy, tribute to The Beetles music with a very interesting storytelling device. I highly suggest viewers take the two hours to watch this amazing movie.