“The Greatest Showman,” a real success story

Anna Richey

The movie “The Greatest Showman” is an amazing film based off P.T Barnum’s success story. P.T Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) who is trying to make it in the entertainment industry by running a circus. The movie takes place in the 1850’s/ 1860’s. 

 After running the circus successfully for a few months, he teams up with Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron). The circus crew gets lots of hate for being “freaks,” but P.T told them to stay strong. One person in particular got lots of hate, and that is Anne wheeler (Zendaya) a black trapeze artist.  

Characters Anne wheeler and Phillp Carlyle quickly noticed they were falling in love with each other. They couldn’t make anything public, because at the time couples of different races were frowned upon.  

  The movie has lots of songs performed by the cast themselves songs like  A Million Dreams, Never Enough, This is Me, Rewrite the Stars,and many more. The soundtrack is a classic and I highly recommend listening to it. 

 This movie can be watched by every age group; It has an amazing message and is filled with friendship and loving characters. The movie is filled with plot twists and unexpected endings. 

The actors themselves were overall great. I feel like certain characters should have had more camera time, for example Anne Wheelers Brother, W.D Wheeler. He had a few lines, and I feel like he should have had a say in this budding relationship between his sister and Phillip.  

The Camera work could have been better, because it got really shaky when the trapeze was going on. It was moving way too much to the point I couldn’t see it. The scenery was outstanding, it made me feel like I was actually there in the 1850’s.  

In conclusion the movie “The Greatest Showman is and will always be a classic to adults and kids everywhere.