“Little,” a good pick-me-up movie

Kristina Baca

“Little” is a Romance/Fantasy film that premiered on April 8,2019. This movie has some hilarious moments but also has a good message. I feel this movie shows that how you were treated as a kid affects the way you act as an adult. 

When Jordan Sanders was a “nerdy” middle schooler she was joked and bullied by all the other kids. That experience made her vow to always hurt others before they could hurt her. When she got older and became the CEO of her own company, she began to live out that vow. She became the boss who insults and makes her employees feel less about themselves.  

One day Jordan is rude to a little girl, and the little girl wishes Jordan to be little again so she could put Jordan in her place. When Jordan wakes up the next morning, she is her 13-year-old self. Jordan soon realizes that she no longer has the power she once had.  She is now a kid again. The remainder of the movie shows Jordan trying to live her life being her adult self, stuck in her teenage body. 

The actors in this movie included Marsai Martin as Jordan Sanders, Regina Hall as Big Jordan Sanders, and Issa Rae as April.  Marsai Martin did an amazing job playing Jordan, not to mention Marsai was the executive producer of the movie at just 14 years old, which makes her the youngest person in Hollywood to produce a movie.  Regina Hall was also entertaining as Big Jordan, but not the best fit for the part. The role would have been better played by an actress like Taraji P. Henson, who could have shown more of the attitude of the character. Issa Rae was hilarious and a great fit for the part of April. 

In my opinion this movie was shot and directed very well. The lighting was nearly perfect, even in the night sceneThe cinematic shots helped to develop the story and the main character. Many of the shots film Jordan walking into the building in a way that strongly shows she is the boss. The scenery was luxurious and made Jordan seem larger than life. Jordan’s apartment is a penthouse overlooking the city and her office has enormous windows looking outside.  

The music selection for this movie was well chosen. Each song fit each scene. The music that was played while Jordan was talking about how she was bullied brought strong emotion to the scene. 

My final thought on this movie is that it offered a comedic take on the way our childhood can affect our adulthood. I think this movie is targeted more towards teenagers and young adults because of the sense of humor. If you like movies like Freaky Friday and 17 Again, you might really like this movie.