“Ratatouille” exhibits friendship between a human and rat

Lily Schauwecker

In most Disney movies the rat is not a common character, but in “Ratatouille” the rat is beautifully represented. It is one of the very few Disney movies that almost every generation can enjoy.

It possesses a story of love and of friendship that is represented through the life of a human and a rat. “Ratatouille” follows the life of a rat, Remy, from the rural countryside of France to the beautiful city of Paris. The movie also shows how a human, Linguini, who leads a normal life in Paris, is soon sent for the adventures of love and friendship that the city of Paris has in store for him.

Remy, the rat, has an obsession with Gusteau that fuels his passion for cooking. Gusteau was a famous chef in Paris that passed away before Remy was sent on the adventure of a life time.

This movie has three main characters, Remy, Linguini, and Gusteau. Remy’s voice actor is Patton Oswalt, Linguini’s voice actor is Lou Romano, and Gusteau’s voice actor is Brad Garrett. These actors did an amazing job voices these characters.

“Ratatouille” sends you for many emotional twists and turns that left me shocked by the amount of emotion, character, and love in a G rated movie.

“Ratatouille” is under the genre of animation, but it can be classified as a love story, or a drama just because of how well developed this story is. Being that “Ratatouille” is an animated film, there is no real-life lighting, but its animating is beautiful. The animators did a stellar job animating the city of Paris and the character style is very beautiful as well.

Ratatouille has its own score of music that was composed by Michael Giacchino and was released through Walt Disney Records.

I would strongly suggest viewing the movie “Ratatouille” because it left me touched by the amount of love, character, and passion put into a movie.