Leadership, not just for the extrovert

Johannah Larson

What is leadership? For some it means motivating and inspiring, and to others it means having a vision or idea and acting upon it.Leaders are people who have courage, patience, character and commitment. Leadership is easy to define and there are many ways to do so, but what’s not easy is the true action of being one.

It’s no secret that we live in a judgmental world, and it can be very difficult to step out of our comfort zones. Introverts make up a total of 25 to 40 percent of the population according to verywell.com. Many people cling to the idea that only confident and outspoken people can be leaders.

Great leaders do not have to be outgoing. Sometimes speaking in front of a crowd can be intimidating and many people thinkthat only extroverts can conquer doing it, but introverts can too.

Introverts often stick to the stereotype of being shy and reserved, but they can think of great ideas just as well as extroverts can. If today’s social environment were less judgmental and more welcoming to everyone’s opinion no matter what kind of person they are, then introverts wouldn’t feel limited to share their ideas.

I think a good leader is particularly good at supporting others,having empathy, being innovative not necessarily only loud and outgoing. No matter who they are and what their background is there’s a little bit of leadership them. It just all comes down to how much they display it.

Everyone, outgoing or not, needs to be a leader of some sort. Especially if they’re going to be entering a workplace in the future. College is a very important time to have leadershipbecause leadership style can help anyone acquire specific skills that will be effective for their group, team, or project.