Criminals should be prosecuted equally

Laura Guyton Martin

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Everyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted equally. This means every single person that commits a crime should be punished in the same way, no matter what their reasoning for committing the crime. Prosecution also should not be based on race, social status or economic status. 

If every person who breaks the law will be prosecuted the same way, the crime rates will significantly drop. If one person gets away with a crime because they have a “good reason,” the amount of crimes occurring yearly will increase dramatically. 

In 2015 there were 1.5 million people in prison across the United States, according to PBS News. If criminals are given the ability to evade the law, this number will not be as high, which can mean more criminals roaming the streets of our cities. 

Also, people who help catch and convict these criminals will be put out of a job. If we let people get away with breaking the law, we will have no need for people such as criminal defense attorneys and federal court judges. 

The estimated salary of a criminal defense lawyer is about $50k per year, according to There are also currently 870 authorized federal court judges who can make anywhere from $208,000 to $267,000 dollars every year. Putting these people out of a job will be detrimental to their families and to our federal court system.  

Furthermore, prosecuting an individual based on race, social status or economic status is morally wrong. It also contradicts the United States Constitution, which is what our country is founded on. 

The Constitution discusses the discrimination of people based on sex, race, religion and status. It states that this type of discrimination is illegal in the voting process, so why should it be any different in the prosecution process. It also states that all accused persons have a right to a public trial and an impartial jury. If people will get away with committing a crime based on their race, social status, etc., we will be breaking the constitutional law. 

We cannot prosecute criminals based on reasoning, race, religion, sex, or status. It is morally and constitutionally wrong, and it will result in more crimes committed yearly and job loss.  

The bottom line is every person who breaks the law should be prosecuted equally.