Ranch is the best condiment

Claire Potts

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When eating a large variety of typical foods, Americans tend to turn to dressings and condiments to enhance flavor. Ranch dressing is the best condiment to fill this need. 

First, ranch is a universal condiment. It can be added to almost anything based on the taste of the person consuming it. Personally, I eat ranch on fries, pizza and anything in between. Lots of people eat ranch on Burgers, fries, wings, pizza, chicken and many other foods.  

In an Instagram poll, the majority of voters agreed that ranch is in fact the best condiment. This is the public’s opinion, so it must be true.  

Second, ranch comes in many forms and consistencies. There is ranch that is more of a liquid that can be used for dressings or a light dip. There are also thicker forms of ranch that can be used as dip for a chip. This is called ranch dip. Ranch packets are also a big factor. These can be added to any recipe to spice up the flavor.  

Third, ranch is easy to make. Other condiments take unnecessary amounts of time to make. The recipe for ranch is simple: buttermilk, mayonnaise, and ranch seasoning. Next, all you need to do is mix and you’re finished! It’s that easy. The consistency is based off how much of each ingredient is added. This is another choice for the person that is consuming.  

Finally, ranch enhances the flavor of any food. Sure, a chicken tender is tasty but if ranch is added to it, the flavor is transformed into something delicious. This is true for anything that ranch touches.  

Not only is ranch much better for you compared to its alternatives, it is also made of natural ingredients.  

For all of these reasons and many more, ranch is the best condiment.