Schools should allow students to listen to music at school

Kristina Baca

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Most students enjoy listening to music. When I am walking the halls at school, I notice how many students walk the halls wearing earbuds. I believe schools should allow students to listen to music at school, at specific times approved by teachers. 

First, many teachers complain that their students will not focus if allowed to listen to music.  Of course, when a teacher is lecturing or giving instructions, music should not be allowed.  However, during independent classroom activities, allowing students to listen to their music could increase their ability to focus on their work.  In fact, a study by John Rampton of showed that neutral music helps the brain to better focus on a mental task.” 

Second, it easy for students to get distracted.  I am aware of this because I also find myself daydreaming or drifting from the task at hand. Listening to music reduces distraction because it provides “a non-invasive drive to neutralize the unconscious attention systems ability to distract us,according to In other words, it helps block out distractions. When students are able to listen to music, they are not bothering and distracting other students. 

Third, schoolwork can be very stressful, and music can reduce stress.  Studies have also shown that “listening to music increases the body’s production of the antibody immunoglobulin and reduces cortisol levels,” according to the American Psychological Association.  

In addition, research has found that the best kind of music to produce this effect, and relieve stress is classical music.  If students are less stressed, they can perform better in their schoolwork. 

Fourth, in addition to reducing stress, listening to music can actually elevate a person’s emotional state.  Research has also shown that while listening to music, our bodies release dopamine, a mood elevator,” according to  When students’ moods are higher, they are able to perform better at schoolwork. 

Listening to music while doing class work can have a positive effect on brains and bodies and should be allowed at specific times during the school day approved by teachers.