School days should begin and end earlier

Lily Schauwecker

School days should end earlier. If the school day were to be made shorter, it would allow students to study for longer periods of time, participate in after school activities, focus more clearly with attention span, and seek employment. 

If the school day ended at an earlier hour, it would allow students to have more focused intimate time for studying. According to The Washington Post students spend too much time sitting in school. If the school day became shorter it would also allow students to participate in more after-school activities and extra curriculars.  

If students got out of school earlier, students’ motivation and willingness to participate in school would increase because their attention span wouldn’t be dragged thin. According to twenty-three students polled at Starkville High School, nineteen of those students would rather school start at
7 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. because later in the day their attention span begins to wear away.  

If students got out of school earlier, it would allow for more family time and opportunity to build and allow students relationships with others to flourish.  According to ED100, a longer time in school may raise the likelihood of students forming poor relationships with family members.  

If the school day ended sooner more students could have the opportunity to earn money. Students would be able to work longer shifts after school because they would get out at 2 p.m. instead of the current 4 p.m. 

If students got out of school at an earlier time, their lives would be greatly improved. These are only a few examples of how students’ lives would be improved if the school day became shorter; it would increase students focused time for learning, allow them to participate in more after school activities and extra curriculars, allow for more time to build relationships, and allow students to have more job opportunities.