Fashion club hosts inaugural fashion show


Submitted photo

Audrey Sowers

Thursday, November 21, the Starkville High Fashion Club held a fashion show at Sage Coffee and Books. Mary Jones, leader of Fashion Club, directed the show.

“I held the fashion show because it was something new for Starkville High Students to be invested in, as well as reach a different crowd of students,” Jones said.

Kathy Dawkins is the sponsor of the Fashion Club. She said Jones has been trying to start the club for a couple years, and this year it was finally approved. The club practices in her room in the mornings.

“Mary had a dream of the fashion show and made it happen,” Dawkins said. “Abbi Oswalt was also instrumental in assisting Jones with the fashion show.”

“My favorite part from the show overall was seeing the confidence that the models had, and the fact that they had fun with it,” Jones said.

Participating members were either given two outfits from Mary Jones that were up-cycled or they brought items from their own closets or local thrift stores. Each outfit displayed a diverse range of fashion trends. This event gave girls who have never modeled before the opportunity to walk down the runway and boost their confidence.

Maria Ashmouni is a Junior at Starkville High School. She joined the club to learn more about fashion and become more confident in her modeling.

“I’ve learned so much from joining this club it has been such an eye opening and fun experience,” Ashmouni said. Ashmouniwas one of the members to walk down the runway.

The fashion show was a nonprofit event. Club members aimed to promote second-hand clothing as well as bringing more attention to diverse fashion and giving students something new to be invested in.

Jones said at first she was hesitant about whether or not it would work, but watching all the pieces fit into the puzzle motivated her to know it was meant to happen.

Jones said, “They [all the models] rocked everything and had confidence with every outfit.”

Dawkins said Jones has planned an additional fashion show in the spring.