Lady Jacket Soccer ties in game against Caledonia Confederates

Makenzie Stone

Thursday, January 9, the Lady Jacket Soccer team tied in their home regular season game against the Caledonia Confederates. The Lady Jackets scored in both halves with goals by freshman Meg Rodgers and senior Angela Ross. The final score was 2-2, making the Lady Jackets’ record 3-7-2.

The Lady Jackets were seeking a win as a source of redemption from their previous loss against Oxford 9-2.

Head Coach Abby Phillips said, “I think we played hard, and we definitely improved from our previous game. I’m proud of the girls for improving their game.”

Angela Ross is team Captain and plays forward. She scored the winning goal for the Lady Jackets in the final minutes of the second half with an assist by Veronica Dunn. Ross is proud of her fellow teammates as well, but she acknowledges improvements that can be made moving forward.

“I think our team definitely improved from last week’s game. We still have to work on a few things, such as staying consistent, but I believe we can do that,” said Ross.

Both Phillips and Ross agree that the game has shown the team its areas of weakness, and they aim on improving in these areas in preparation for their next district match.

“Our goal moving forward is to improve in playing together and with the ball. We don’t want to just play kickball on the field; we are trying to have more possessions on the team and move as a unit,” Phillips said.

With outstanding leadership, talent, and resilience, the Lady Jackets managed to pull out a victory. Ross hopes that going forward the team can keep its determination and focus high in order to finish out their season triumphantly.

“We have to make sure to play our own game and not our opponents’; we have to always do our best,” said Ross.

The Lady Jackets face district opponent South Panola at home Monday, January 13, at 5:30 p.m.