Starkville High hosts glow rage after a two year break


Photo by Camille Bardon

Camille Bardon


This past Thursday, during the senior class meeting, Student body president, Grace May announced that Starkville High will be hosting a Glow Rage on February 1st. The glow rage will take place at the Skate Odyssey from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.
A glow rage is an event where people wear bright colors, reflective clothing and glow sticks. Loud music is played for participants to jump and show off dance moves.
This is the first time in three years that student council has put on a glow rage. The most recent glow rage was in May 2017, in the gym.
Senior, Madelyn Methvin went to the glow rage her freshman year.
“The glow rage in 2017 was very fun! I am super excited to see what it will be like this year at the skate odyssey. I can’t wait to wear the outfit that I already have planned out.”
The Skate Odyssey will have blacklights to make certain clothing appear as if it were glowing. Students are encouraged to wear white and neon clothing to complement the blacklights.
Student Council has a committee in charge of planning the glow rage.
Junior, Macee Strickland is chair of the glow rage committee. Her job is to overlook the other members of the committee and assign them tasks to prepare for February 1.
“The glow rage is an event full of fun where most dress in neon and white clothing and wear glow sticks! Planning the glow rage has gone very smoothly and it actually a very fun event to plan,” Strickland said.
Student council is creating a link to sell glow rage t-shirts for students to purchase. Glow sticks are going to be sold at the event so students can get their glow on!
Tickets are $5 and will be sold in the cafeteria and at the door.