Students experience school stress

Kristina Baca

An overwhelming number of students become overwhelmed or stressed about an upcoming assignment or test. Believe it or not you are not the only one who has these feelings. According to The American Psychological Association, 45% of students said they were stressed by school. Why are these numbers so high and what can schools do to help that number go down?

Sophomore Summer Mcdonald admits that she is most stressed when walking in the halls between her classes. “I wonder, ‘Am I going to make it to class on time?’” Stress from school is a somewhat big part of McDonald’s life.

“Stress from school is definitely something in my life, and I don’t think it should be like that; school should not be stressful,” McDonald said.

Sarah Roberson is a sophomore at SHS. “We as students have been taking tests since we were in elementary school.  Students have been pressured so hard that fellow peers have test anxiety,” Roberson Said.

In fact, a recent Harvard study linked the high stakes testing of our generation to higher levels of stress and test anxiety for students.

Roberson feels as though the school does not do enough for students’ mental health. She would like to see the school provide more support for students on this matter. “Most of the kids in the school are coming to school from their troubling backgrounds at home,” Roberson said.   “More communication will help much better instead of trying to instill fear in us.’

School should be a safe haven and not another stressful part of life. “If they would just look at us as humans instead of test scores things would be a lot better,” said Roberson.

If you are having trouble handling the stress you feel about school assignments or tests, try to remember that you are more than a test score and that you are not defined by your performance on any one test or day.