Student Council implements suggestion boxes for students to share how they feel

Johannah Larson

The Student Council implemented the suggestion box for fellow students. It offers students a chance to contribute their ideas, questions, comments, opinions or concerns.  

“Students are able to voice their opinions and be heard now and say what they like or dislike. It also gives the administration a way to gauge how the student body feels about certain topics so they can change things accordingly,” senior representative Jasmine Baker said. 

SHS originally had no official form of communication between students and the administration. Students were forced to interrupt the administrators work time or try to get in touch with a student council class representative within school hours.  

“The suggestion box allows the student council to quickly and efficiently receive new topics that will be voted on and discussed during meetings then give information to the administration,junior representative Neely Wells said. 

Suggestion cards take little time to complete with qualitative feedback. The box makes students feel more empowered to their own ideas and helps students feel more involved in what goes on every day in the Jacket Nation. 

This anonymous system allows the school to ensure that the topics discussed are not judged with bias. It also allows students to be comfortable with saying anything that comes to mind. 

If the word properly gets out about the box and how the suggestions will avidly be checked and discussed, the students should start using it,” Wells said. 

It is the hope of the council for the box to be announced over the morning announcements, posted on social media and in classrooms, according to Wells. 

Although Starkville High School is late on allowing students to voice their opinions, the student council is hopeful that the suggestion box will make a big difference and will be avidly used by the whole student body.