DYW participants mentor Girl Scouts


Photo by Amanda Kaplan

Amanda Kaplan

Tuesday, the participants of Distinguished Young Women from Starkville High School, Starkville Academy, and Starkville Christian School volunteered at the First United Methodist Church of Starkville with the Girl Scouts. They taught the Girl Scouts about the “be your best self” aspect of Distinguished Young Women. The “be your best self” aspect consists of being healthy, ambitious, involved, responsible, and studious.  

Susan Keith, Participant’s Chairman, has been involved in the program for 24 years. “‘Be your best self’ is about everyone reaching their full potential and achieving the success they want in life,” said Keith. 

Starkville has a strong Distinguished Young Women Program as shown by the success that the Starkville participants have had at both the state and national programs. Keith helps the strength of the program by describing the five “be your best self” aspects in detail.  

For instance, Keith said, “[being] healthy…includes staying physically fit and drug free…being involved helps you broaden your understanding of the world around you and give back to the community where you live.”  

The Distinguished Young Women Program has been helping the Girl Scouts for 10 years. Each year, the participants plan activities for each aspect. The participants were broken up into groups, each group explaining one aspect. 

Participant, Victory Yarbrough, said, “I think all of [the aspects] are important, but I do like being studious because getting good grades can help you through college.” 

Yarbrough was involved in the group that described the importance of being studious. Her group disseminated homework charts to the Girl Scouts to help them organize their scholastic workload. 

“I love DYW. It’s teaching me a lot of things about myself. I am learning to be more fit and be [healthier]every day. It’s just a great experience and I wish everyone could do it,” Yarbrough said. 

This year, there are 18 participants. The participants will be answering an on-stage question, performing a talent and fitness routine, and will be evaluated on their scholastics. The program will take place February 8, 2020, at 7 p.m., in Bettersworth Auditorium in Lee Hall on Mississippi State University’s campus.