Flu becomes priority at SHS


Photo by Jaliyah Akins

Jaliyah Akins

During the months of December to March, flu season is at its height. The flu is a common viral infection that can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups. People that have a weak immune system or a chronic disease, are at high risk of the flu.  

Starkville High School is taking measures to prevent the flu from spreading. Nurse Veronica Young has some tips on how to prevent getting the flu. 

 “To prevent getting the flu students can start by washing their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer after a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, or before eating.” 

Other tips include making sure they spray Lysol and wipe down what they’ve touched. [Always spray Lysol when someone is sick in the household because the next person to touch that item might catch the flu.]  

The next step to approach in prevention is to get a flu vaccine. Nurse Young said at least half the percentages of students she gets weekly/monthly for symptoms of having the flu would have benefited from getting the vaccine.  

“On average, three students per day come with symptoms of the flu by having back aches, a fever, chills, a headache, stomach aches, fatigue, or a sore throat(cough). I refer these students to go to the doctor who will likely prescribe Antipyretic, Tamiflu, and ibuprofen/ acetaminophen, Young said. 

The flu can cause students to stay home for an unreasonable amount of time. It can take up to 3-7 days for students to recover from having the flu.  

“Some people think that just because the symptoms have left doesn’t means that they’re okay, but they’re not. Allow your body to rest and make sure to seek medical as soon as possible. When coming off the flu, make sure to drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest., Young said.