Student Council sells valentines as a fundraiser

Makenzie Stone

The Student Council announced will be taking orders for Valentine’s Day goodies February 7 through 12.   

 The orders include candies, cookies and other sweet treats that can be purchased for a low cost.  

 The funds collected from the sales will go toward various upcoming Student Council projects, such as the Powderpuff Football game in March and the State Student Council Conference.  

 Victory Yarbrough, a junior, is the fundraiser’s chairman. Yarbrough oversees the project and has been working hard organizing the event for months. She is ecstatic to see how the students will interact with each other. 

 “I am very excited for our fundraiser. I think that students will enjoy it because it is a fun way to express appreciation for a fellow classmate, teacher or friend,” Yarbrough said.  

 Fees and dues do not have to be paid yet in order to purchase a valentine, and students may buy as many valentines as they want 

  Junior Jaliyah Akins plans on buying a valentine. She believes that the fundraiser is a great way for students to learn life skills and to show their support for one another. 

 “I’m buying a valentine because I want to show love and appreciation for my friends. I want to show them that I love them through thick and thin because friends can have hard times. In general, I think it [the fundraiser] is a good thing to do to get students involved in fundraising and gain experience, Akins said. 

Student Council will sell the valentines in the cafeteria during lunches and answer any specific questions. They will deliver the purchased goods on Valentine’s Day offering the option of keeping the buyers anonymous.