“Aladdin,” a movie for all ages

Amanda Kaplan

The “Aladdin” remake in 2019 brought the animated features of the original “Aladdin” film in 1992 to a realistic life. The remake of “Aladdin” creates a new way to view the animated film with real people posing as the original animated characters.  

This movie possesses the story of a “street rat” who steals valuable objects to survive. One day, he comes across the princess and does everything he can to impress her. While sneaking around the palace, the “street rat,” Aladdin, is caught and forced into a mysterious cave, where he finds a magic lamp. He is granted three wishes and must make hard decisions on how he chooses to use his three wishes, hopefully impressing the princess. 

“Aladdin” has four main characters, Aladdin, Mena Massoud; Genie, Will Smith; Jafar, Marwan Kenzari; Princess Jasmine, Naomi Scott. All characters embodied the roles of their original animated characters very well. 

“Aladdin” is full of love and emotion and fits the genres of a romance, action and adventure movie. It is a PG rated movie, so it is fit for an audience of all ages.  

“Aladdin” uses professional lighting to show light and dark scenes. The lighting is a very accurate representation of how people perceive the real world. For example, when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are flying over the city on the magic carpet, the city is well lit, like any other big city at night. The movie is high definition and the filmmakers did an amazing job creating this motion picture. 

This movie uses songs from an original score, written by Alan Menken. It also contains remakes of songs from the original “Aladdin” sung by various artists. 

I strongly suggest viewing this movie, as well as the animated feature. It teaches young viewers to never be too overconfident. This realistic motion picture left a humbling impact on my life.