Yellow Jackets clinch District Championship


Photo by Jaliyah Akins

Forte Prater dunks on a defender during the game against Greenville

Joshua Aka

Starkville Yellow Jackets varsity basketball team dominated their way through district play as they defeated the Greenville-Weston Hornets 80-43. The Yellowjackets victory placed them as the number 1 seed going into tournament play.  

With four more games possibly left for the Yellow Jackets, Coach Greg Carter encourages his team to not celebrate too soon because there is a lot of basketball left in the season.
“This time of the year you try to focus on your weaknesses, try to figure out what you don’t do well and work on it as much as possible in practice,” Carter said.

Seniors Trey Jackson and Cameron Skinner put together a solid performance for they had a combined 17 points. Their role on the team could be looked upon as the players who are considered scrappy because of their effort to dive for loose balls and create havoc on the defensive side of the ball.
“I try to come in and be like starting point guard Forte Prater, rebound, and anything that help our team get the upper hand,” Skinner said.

When asked what changes are going to be made since the post season is ahead of the team, Trey Jackson believes that the team should do exactly what they have done the entire season but with more intensity.

“We’re are just going to try to stay consistent and we know that it’s a four-game season now. Got to work even harder in practice and keep pushing each other to stay focus to repeat in the championship,” Jackson said.

The role of junior shooting guard, Nyjal Johnson, has become a huge part of the Yellow Jackets lineup. With Johnson not even on the team last year, he has showed a large amount of production whenever opportunities were at hand.

Johnson shared what motivates him to perform at a high level.The fact that I wasn’t even on varsity last year motivated me to help out in any way I could.

The Yellow Jackets will play this upcoming Friday versus the winner of the Clinton Arrows and Oxford Chargers for a chance to punch their ticket in the 6A Region 3 Quarterfinals.