Presidents’ Day should be mandatory

Neely Wells

Monday, February 17, students across the nation did not attend school in celebration of Presidents’ Day. Originally known as George Washington’s birthday, Presidents’ Day has been celebrated for over 49 years. All schools should allow Presidents’ Day to be considered a holiday. 

Presidents’ Day is recognized as a federal holiday, meaning some businesses and organizations are closed. If businesses around and in the community of the school are closed, it should be too. Some schools use this day as a makeup day for inclement weather when it should be observed as it has been for 49 years. Not only is it respectful to pay tribute to former presidents, this holiday gives students at least one holiday in every month. 

Trash pickup and mail delivery are postponed on Presidents’ Day, along with the closure of all banks. If a worker is under a federal company, he/she still gets paid to take this holiday. Students should have the same benefits, without the pay, but instead get a day out of school. Allowing students to miss one day of school, causes them to be able to relax from stressful schoolwork and have a short break before having to go right back to the classrooms. 

Although many companies are closed, places such as state libraries and parks are still open for anyone to enjoy. If students are allowed this holiday, they can take time with friends and family to get out and have fun. If they do need to do something related to school, they can visit the library and use its resources. Students should get the day off because there are still plenty of activities to do outside of school. 

In schools today, students are doing anything they can to have a simple day off to just take a break from school. Students should get Presidents’ Day off because it pays respect to all former and current presidents and allows students their one holiday a month. Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday causing many businesses to close, but if students need access to things such as computers or books on this day, state libraries are still open. Students should be granted the holiday to relax and clear their minds before finishing the rest of the month of school ahead of them to fully engage in their classes.