The US should work together to stop rising climate

Amanda Kaplan

Global warming is affecting the world in ways that some people probably aren’t familiar with. It is hurting the environment in ways that will cause conflicts in the future. Therefore, the United States needs to do more to stop the rising climate.  


The world is warming up, causing wildfires. According to, “wildfire risk depends on a number of factors, including temperature, soil moisture, and the presence of trees, shrubs and other potential fuel.” The rising climate has been a major cause in the California wildfires.

Since the global temperature is rising, it is causing glaciers in the colder parts of the world to melt. With melting glaciers, the sea level is rising, resulting in flooding of land masses.  


Supporting this point, states that, “meltwater from the ice sheets and glaciers flows into the ocean, causing sea levels to rise. This can lead to flooding, habitat, destruction and other problems.” Melting glaciers can also result in habitat loss. 


Habitat loss is another major conflict caused by climate change. Scientists at the World Wide Fund for Nature “…have estimated that most species on this planet (including plants) will have to ‘move’ faster than 1,000 meters per year if they are to keep within the climate zone which they need for survival.” This drastic change is destroying habitats.

Since animal habitats are being destroyed, that will lead to animal extinction. An article on states that, “by 2100, an estimated 50% of all of the world’s species could go extinct because of climate change.” Most animal species can only survive in a specific climate, so with global warming, they will not be able to survive. 

The United States is a major contributor to the warming of the planet, so everyone should work together to stop it.